One Year Anniversary on YouTube

Hello my fellow creators. This week I am posting a video updating what has happened over the past year. This was my first year as a YouTube creator and there have been many changes in my life.

When I began my YouTube channel last year, I had been notified that I was being laid off from my position and my last day would be June 30, 2020. That is when I decided to begin my crafty venture. Well, a few weeks before what was to be my last day, I was notified that the lay off had been rescinded and I would continue to work for the same employer. What a relief that was. Since I had already begun my YouTube channel, I thought I would give it a year and see if it was something I enjoyed doing. Well, here I am, one year later and I am loving it. I am scheduled to retire in December 2022, so I want to keep doing my videos and keep creating so that when I do retire, I will have something fun to focus on.

As I share in my video this week, my family has grown in the last year and I am so lucky to now have eight adorable grandchildren. They are the loves of my life and they make my heart happy when they ask, “grandma, can we make a card with you?” Another change in my personal life is that my husband and I have recently become empty nesters and we are loving the alone time we have together. Since we are empty nesters, we have some extra rooms in the house and I have moved my craft room to one of those empty rooms. It is connected to the living room, so even when I am in there crafting, I am close to my husband (while he watches tv or reads a book). The new craft room is still a work in progress as I am sorting through all my crafty stashes to see what I should keep and what I should donate.

COVID was hard on everyone. Working from home and being so isolated has taught me just how much I appreciate the human interaction of day to day life. My family was fortunate in that we all continued to work throughout the pandemic. We all stayed relatively healthy. While I did get COVID and got quite ill, I did not get sick enough to need hospitalization, for which I am grateful. I still have long term effects of COVID, but I am learning to live with them, for now.

I have learned so much in the last year. I have learned how to edit videos, add audio and sound effects, create thumbnails and so much more. I am so very grateful to my subscribers for following along as I learn and create. I am blessed to have such supportive husband, family, friends and subscribers. I can’t begin to express how fortunate I am.

Visit my YouTube Channel and maybe even subscribe. Thanks for spending some of your time with me. As always, have a fun, safe and creative day!!

I have linked to my top two videos over the last year below. Please Subscribe to one of my social media accounts to see my latest creations (Instagram, Facebook, YouTube)!

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