Hello Summer

This week, I made a summer themed card using only the items I have in my stash. I decided to record this project in the making, which makes this my first creative YouTube video (click on image below to view video). Creating this content really opened my eyes! I never truly realized how much time and energy go into making a video. I feel like I am finally getting to do something I love while sharing it with others. It took me three days of work to get this done, and it was worth every minute! I spent a few hours on Sunday just planning and prepping for my card. Monday was spent recording the card making process used to make my summer creation. Tuesday was spent editing the video and recording the voiceover (no easy task). Wednesday was the day…I uploaded my first creative YouTube video. So nervous yet so excited. I have to give kudos to all the YouTube content creators out there for all their dedication and hard work. My goal is to get one video done every two weeks for now. Maybe I can do more once I get the hang of all the editing stuff. I hope you are able to visit my YouTube Channel and maybe even subscribe. I would love your feedback on this new venture I have embarked upon. Have a great day and thanks for joining me on this crazy ride!

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